Reflections on this site's first year--

 Four Wommen Cave Art


Mark & Rachel feel the joy of creating: the work: the frustrations: the now what of creating: is this something like sharing the newborn fate of the Affordable Care Act's attempt to envision health care available to everyone?

It does seem fitting to dedicate this year's work--and the years that preceded the website and birthed it-- and our hopes for the future.

So,in the spirit of the site itself, we express ourselves with the words, the images and the music which celebrate relationship.


Images: we welcome Amparo (Amparito), daughter of Vale (Valentina) who is the daughter of Viviana, one of our dearest friends in Chile.


Valentina and Amparo

Valentina and Amparo closer


Music: John Coltrane/ Cole Porter...we are grateful for each of the jazz musicians whose creativity gifts this site.



Words: The men whose spirit animates our words: the letter of Pope Francis--his New Year letter--which inspires us to think globally,the efforts of Edward Snowden who inspires us to take risks and publish words hidden away, and always, the voices of the mystics and poets whose visions animate ternary systems, here: Meister Eckhart as in his poem when he asks: why are there so many souls, so many stars?


Why So Many Souls


When were you last really happy?

Let that experience ferment,

bring it to mind once

in a while.


Surely in the genesis of that past moment, when you danced,

you would not have wanted a constable

to have knocked

on your



or have said, "You just entered

a restricted ground."


Why are there so many stars and souls,

with no end in sight for



Because nothing can interrupt God

when God is having





 Four Wommen Cave Art